Professor Harcourt Winston Eastwick

An English Professor in China.


A tall, skinny and absolutely British man in his fifties, often dressed in tweed.


Born June 9th, 1974 at 8:06 PM, Eastwick has spent his whole life in academia. Eager to carve a niche for himself, Eastwick chosen to follow studies in rather unpopular (Occult) or uncommon (the new fields of psychology) realms.

He became interested in China as a teenager and worked to be included in the faculty at the University of Hong Kong, taking various posts as necessary. He spent much of his off time traveling China, helping with studies and digs, trade missions and travelers.

Eastwick became acquainted with Jackson Elias during a cruise. Eastwick wrote letters to Elias, telling him of his findings in China, and Elias would write about interesting finds he had in his travels.

Professor Harcourt Winston Eastwick

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