Maximilian Barnes

Film maker, pilot, adventurer


Max is a tall, handsome man who wears fine clothes and walks with confidence. He is clean shaven and well groomed. Brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

Update: height has gone from very tall to very short.


Hailing from the fields of the Dakotas, Max left the farm life for adventure. After some escapades in Mexico he made his way across the Atlantic to serve in the Escadrille Lafayette, flying for the French in the great war. He was shot down or crashed four times, and claims eight kills (though only two are officially recorded, a discrepancy he claims stems from a disagreement with fellow pilot Raoul Lufbery). He transferred to the American Expeditionary Force’s Air Service, but found the AEF riddled with inefficient and unprepared officers.

After the war, he moved to California to begin making a name for himself in Hollywood. He had some minor success, making more money than he did reputation (again, in his mind due to conflicts with other, more successful figures).

Tasked with heading to Africa to take stock footage for studios, Max took a strong liking to Kenya. He is currently living there, finishing a script he expects to be an epic success, while filming the occasional contract for African footage and flying various charter missions (Mail, medical evacuation, sight seeing, etc).

Crushed underfoot by Who-is-not-who-she-seems at the lodge of Col. Endicott while fighting off a cultist attack.

Maximilian Barnes

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