Paolo Gasparini

Shepheard's Barman


Gasparini, an Italian, commands the Long Bar at the rear of the hotel. He is always able to lend a few piastres to those short of change for a taxi, and even extends this to a few pounds for a night on the town. His boast is that he is always paid back, and he is an expert at judging the honesty of people he speaks to.

He appears to be always on duty. First thing in the morning he is standing at the bar with a cherubic smile on his face, ready with his famous “pick-me-up” called the “Corpse Reviver.” The unfortunate overimbiber leans on the bar while Gasparini ties a white napkin around his neck, mixes the drink, pours it down his throat, wipes his mouth with the napkin, and then gently escorts him to a nearby lounge chair. Within half an hour the hungover gentleman is feeling surprisingly better.

Paolo Gasparini

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