Stephen Stoneridge

Lieutenant Detective


Stoneridge is a 37 year old Investigator with Scotland Yard and has been ever since he finished University with a Forensics Sciences major and a minor in law.

Early on, his father ingrained upon him a sense of justice so much so that to this day, Stoneridge believes evil needs to be rooted out and destroyed no matter if it be man, government, or society. However strong this belief, it is not petty crime that drives him to the grind stone every day, but gangs, cults, and terroristic plots to the crown (whenever they appear).

This sense of justice is so strong, he carries with him a pendant/amulet that was turned in but never claimed. There are engraved initials on the back of J.S.P. and some writing that no one has been able to translate thus far. Stroneridge is bound and determined to one day return this to its rightful owner.

Stoneridge is extremely loyal to his causes and to his country.

Stephen Stoneridge

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