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  • Professor Reginal Belham

    Professor Reginal Belham is a history professor at Miskatonic University for almost three decades, he joined the staff shortly after graduating early himself. His main focus is on how religions have shaped the world. He has traveled to most of the …

  • Bradley Stockhelm

    Bradley Stockhelm was born June 3rd of 1890 in Manchester, England. Bradley grew up with no father. His father left him at birth. Mother never spoke of Bradley’s father except that Bradley’s father was a great detective. The only item that Bradley’s …

  • Maximilian Barnes

    Hailing from the fields of the Dakotas, Max left the farm life for adventure. After some escapades in Mexico he made his way across the Atlantic to serve in the Escadrille Lafayette, flying for the French in the great war. He was shot down or crashed …

  • Wilson Wodrewe

    Driven insane at the Mountain of the Black Wind by seeing the god there-of. Bit off and swallowed his own tongue, chocked alone on the plains.