Bradley Stockhelm

Bradley Stockhelm Archeologist


Drawn into Shipley’s painting


Bradley Stockhelm was born June 3rd of 1890 in Manchester, England. Bradley grew up with no father. His father left him at birth. Mother never spoke of Bradley’s father except that Bradley’s father was a great detective. The only item that Bradley’s father left him was a magnifying glass. Bradley graduated with the study of archeology and biology from Victoria University of Manchester at the age 20. It was after graduation that Bradley found himself wanting to leave his town of Manchester, yearning for adventure. At the age of 23, Bradley was onto his first excavation at Shechem, helping a team of Germans to discover the Canaanite City mentioned in the Hebrew bible. While spending times with the German excavation team, Bradley found a new hobby with hand guns and knives.
After the first excavation, Bradley was recruited to join a chain of expeditions traveling the world. Bradley found himself learning Cantonese while searching for the lost items of the Ming dynasty. Bradley made good life for himself selling the items that were found to the museums.
In China, Bradley became an apprentice of a shaman monk. Learning all he could from his master, one day his master disappeared and never to be seen again. The only item the Shaman left Bradley was a dried up Pufferfish. Bradley searched for his master but there were no records of his master even being born.
Bradley had meet Jackson Elias on one of his expeditions in Egypt. Jackson was impressed by Bradley and his talents to analyze situations quickly and his ability to scale hard to climb walls. Jackson told Bradley that he may know the where about of his father. After Egypt, Jackson and Bradley never saw each other again. Jackson never told Bradley where his father was…….

Bradley Stockhelm

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