Nikolai Dmitrivich Khilkov

Russian Aristocrat in Exile **In Recovery


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nikolai stands about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. He is portly, but not fat. He has black hair and a well trimmed beard. His will dress for the day in the finest suit, expedition outfit, or winter gear money can buy. He is usually armed, though not obviously, and often found with his camera.


A member of the prominent and influential Khilkov family, Nikolai was headed towards a religious life when the dark specter of war enveloped the world. After the death of his father, Nikolai joined the army, commissioned a staff captain in the Russian Imperial Army and sent with the Russian Expeditionary Force to fight in France. He spent most of his time as liaison between the REF General and the French command. Wounded on a tour of the front line, Nikolai became interested in Pagan religions while recovering in England.

Nikolai finished the war in France and went to Archangeslk to convince the British and American commanders there to send their support to the Crimea. Failing this, he returned to the White army under the command of the Black Baron, Pyotr Wrangle, spending two years watching the corruption and horror of ‘civilization’ as Russia tore itself apart.

Escaping with the defeated White Army to Constantinople (Nov 1920), Nikolai stopped in Denmark to settle his family and then left to tour the world, visiting pagan and ancient religious sites from dead nations. He first ran into Jackson Elias during the war, and the two struck up a friendship that has continued through correspondence. Nikolai’s wealth has allowed him to travel and finance expeditions on a whim. Jackson’s telegram comes just as Nikolai returns from an expedition to Viking sites in Greenland. Another adventure, and to someplace warm, is just what he needs. Grabbing his pocket book, Nikolai is out the door.

IDEOLOGY/BELIEFS: Nikolai had never been a believer in much until recently. His theological training was at his mother’s insistence, and he volunteered for the war in the hopes he would find some inspiration. He did, through Jackson Elias, and began studying the Occult secretly. It was all good fun, until Elias was murdered and Nikolai saw companions dead in paintings or was wrapped in the coils of a giant winged beast. Now Nikolai firmly believes in the Occult, and is now fervently praying to a God he hopes is equally real.

He also has a problem with Communism.

Dmitry, father: with a life that ran from Aristocrat to Revolutionary to Priest to Soldier, his father’s shifting beliefs may be one reason Nikolai had such a hard time focusing. Still, he did love his father.
Ekatarina, mother: now living with the King of Denmark, his mother had always pushed Nikolai towards faith and religion. He wants to make her proud, and regrets her present circumstances.
Natasha, Sister: Young enough to have adapted to exile, Natasha is eager to explore the world, but is not old enough to yet. If there was one person Nikolai would be working to save the world for, it is his kid sister.
Pavel, brother: While Nikolai has become a traveling researcher, Pavel has become a traveling drunk; he checks in from time to time but is rarely in the same place for long.

Father’s grave in Russia, if it is still there.

An ornate Orthodox cross his father had on him when he died. Nikolai took it against the family wishes. It was a reminder of his father, though more and more it becomes a link to a world of faith he hopes will counter the Black Pharaoh.

Nikolai has a generally good reputation, considered to be a decent nobleman who may be a little generous with his money. The only great disappointment is that he cannot focus on one goal long enough to settle down.

Nikolai Dmitrivich Khilkov

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