Professor Reginal Belham

Professor of History at the Miskatonic University


Drawn into Shipley’s painting


Professor Reginal Belham is a history professor at Miskatonic University for almost three decades, he joined the staff shortly after graduating early himself. His main focus is on how religions have shaped the world. He has traveled to most of the English parts of the world, England, South Africa, Australia, and most recently India. Unfortunately, his trip to India was much longer than expected due to a strange illness that betook him. Having finally returned to his home country, it seems his homecoming will not last for long as he is set to join his old friend Jackson Elias on whatever journey they must set forth upon. Luckily enough, Miskatonic University values field research and has placee Belham on a small stipend to continue his research. That is, of course, if Belham does not continue to spend his money on the medicinal herbs and other medicines he was left dependent upon from his treatments in India.

Professor Reginal Belham

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