7th Edition FYI

Pushing rolls:

Requires justification of increased effort. That might mean being heedless of your own safety, taking significant extra time, etc. Pushing does not mean the initial roll didn’t happen (pushing is not just a re-roll), but that the player is changing how they approach the goal in some fundamental way.

Rolls being actively opposed by another agent cannot be pushed.

Critical Success:

Rolling an 01 means that something beneficial, beyond just achieving the roll, has occured.


If the dice roll required is 50 or more, then fumbles occur on 100
If the dice roll required is less than 50, fumbles occur on a 96-100

Fumbling means that something bad happens beyond just not achieving your goal.

Mental Rolls:

Intelligence: If the investigator is in some kind of puzzling situation, and intelligence roll can provide a hint or solution.

Idea: Made the same way as an intelligence roll, but for a different purpose. If the player is stuck in their investigation, they can ask for a idea roll. If they make it, the character has an epiphany concerning missed clues. If it fails, the missed clue will be revealed, but at some cost to the investigators.

Know: Make an education roll to determine if the investigator happens to know some miscellaneous fact about a matter at hand. This can be used, for example, to remember the presence of a city (even if you don’t have the geography skill), or to identify a language you don’t speak.

Using Luck to modify rolls:

Luck cannot modify Luck Rolls, Damage rolls, or Sanity Rolls.

Luck cannot be used when pushing a roll.

Criticals, Fumbles, and Malfunctions are not changed via spending Luck points.

If Luck points are used to modify a roll, it cannot be checked for improvement based on that roll.

Luck is automatically checked for improvement when other skills are checked. No previous successful roll is required.

Additional Use of Luck:

Luck points can be spent to remain conscious when reduced to 0 HP. It costs 1 point for the first round, 2 for the second, 4 for the 3rd, 8 for the 4th, etc.


When taken by surprise, attacks may automatically hit or gain bonus dice depending on the situation. Something like someone hitting you over the head would be an automatic success, shooting someone will always require a die roll.

The agent being surprised may also receive a listen, spot hidden, or psychology check to not be surprised.

Basic Weapons:

Simple weapons that require no special skill to use (clubs, kitchen knives) are tested with Fight (Brawl).

Major Wound Recovery:

Investigator with wound makes a CON roll every week. Failure means no healing occurs. Success heals 1d3, Extreme Success heals 2d3 and the major wound is gone.

Major wounds also go away when the patient recovers half of their max HP.

They get a bonus die if someone makes a medicine roll to treat them

They get a bonus die if the patient is resting and/or has a good environment

They get a penalty die if conditions are poor.

If the roll is a fumble, there is some kind of permanent injury.


Fumbled roll: Sanity loss is maximized

Degrees of Sanity Loss:

Simply failing a sanity roll results in some involuntary action. Starting, jumping, screaming, etc.

Losing 5 to a single roll, and subsequently making an INT check, results in some kind of temporary insanity.

Losing ⅕ of current San in 1 game day results in some kind of indefinite insanity.

Losing Losing all sanity results in permanent insanity, and the character is effectively out of the game.

Also, a character can only lose up to the maximum sanity loss for a being, no matter how many are seen or when. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of what you have lost sanity for.

Sanity and the Cthulhu Mythos Skill: The first instance of Mythos induced insanity raises the skill by 5. Subsequent bouts raise it by 1.

Other ways of gaining Sanity:

Keeper Award: I can give points based on circumstances (like the dance)

Increasing a skill to 90% or better gives 2d6 SAN for increased confidence

Therapy, such as Dr. Meyer provides. It is checked on a monthly basis.

Self Help: Interacting with something important from the backstory part of your sheet.

7th Edition FYI

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