Gear, Money, Etc

Here is the credit rating guide as presented in the quickstart rules:

Credit Rating 0

…Penniless, living on the streets.

Credit Rating 1-9

…Poor, possessing the bare minimum.

Credit Rating 10-49

…Average, a reasonable level of comfort.

Credit Rating 50-89

…Wealthy, some degree of luxury.

Credit Rating 90-98

…Rich, great wealth and luxury.

Credit Rating 99

…Super rich, money is no object.

For purposes of this campaign, we do not need to figure out exact costs and track every dollar that your character has on their person. Rather, if an item would be acquirable to someone of your wealth (as show on the chart above), and there is a reasonable explanation for why your character would have it, you can have it. That said, when you venture away from your home turf, things can get a little murky. When that happens, I would like an inventory drafted that lists what you are bringing with you, and where it is stored. If something is on that list, then it is definitely in that place (barring npc interference). If, in the course of adventures, you think it obvious or reasonable that your character would have something on their person or stashed somewhere and it is not on the inventory then we will handle it one of three ways:

1. If the item is minor (not significantly game altering) and the reasoning is good, then you have that item. Example: a stray stick of gum in your pocket to get the taste of this brackish water out of your mouth.

2. If the item is major (game altering), and the reasoning is good, then you will roll Luck to see if you have that item. Example: Holy shoot! This airplanes fuel tank is leaking, and we need every drop to get back over land! If only I had a stray stick of gum in my pocket to patch the hole!

3. Regardless of the significance of the item at that moment, if the reasoning is bad then you do not have the item. Example: These cultists stripped me naked and beat me! Now I need to impress the leader to get away. I read in that diary that he’s a sucker for Juicy Fruit! I have a stick tucked away in my harumpharumph!

Note: If you had written down on the inventory that you have a stick of gum in your harumphharumph, then you’re all set.

Gear, Money, Etc

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